Tradiciones de Quechua or Quechua Traditions

“Quechua Women in Peru Demonstrating their Traditional Spinning” (Video hereStandard YouTube License) is a video of a Quechua tradition. The video features people of various ages showing their ability to spin thread. The traditional practice is brought into modern day, making yarn and thread for clothing. The video was uploaded on May 30, 2011 by phasedweasel, a user who does not have a strong YouTube presence, but seems to possibly be from Latin America, as they are speaking either some form of Spanish or the people’s native Quechua language. This user gives the video an emic perspective. The purpose of the video is for Education, and to display one of the necessary traditions of the Quechua people.

Another tradition that I was able to find is simply speaking the Quechua language. I feel that this video is extremely important because the young people of the group are not being taught their indigenous language. “Quechua 2.0: Revitalizando una Cultura Ancestral” or “Quechua 2.0: Revitalizing an ancient culture” (Spanish video here, English video hereCreative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)). Posted on April 8, 2014 by MicrosoftPeru, – the branch of Microsoft based in Perú – giving the video an etic perspective. The video features a boy from Cusco, Perú talking about how people do not bother learning a piece of their background and history. The video’s purpose is Science & Technology.


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