Is Health An Automatic Human Right?

Quechua Concerns

The Quechua are an indigenous people who reside in the Andes of South America from Ecuador to Bolivia, mostly in Peru. I am interested in Latin America, Peru, and this group of people because I plan to join the Peace Corps or an organization like it to help abroad in underdeveloped or in-need communities. Latin American culture has always been an interest to me, as a few of my family members are from Central and South America. I want to experience a piece of my background, as well as help areas that need it. The Peruvian government is not able to sufficiently provide health care services for its people. The lack of available caregivers, resources, and the push to take away public programs will drastically decrease the current two-thirds of Peruvians who have access to (but do not necessarily use) medical care, and even less people who belong to the Quechua population (Cultures and Their Countries). Child malnutrition and mortality rates are significantly higher in the Andes region, affecting the Quechua because of the difficulty to farm as well as the state of poverty (Peru Support Group). Having access to health in the form of care as well as goods is necessary for survival. Traditional medicine may treat small or native illnesses, but the spread of new diseases, malaria, and HIV/AIDS requires the medical services not provided by the government. Reproductive health services are few in Latin America, and even less common for Indigenous women. Sexual health education, pregnancy complications, dangerous abortions, and domestic violence are a few things which the Quechua community does not have adequate access to for aid (Women’s Health).

Location, Location… Location

map-south-america-2           ace9269cb839a5ccdadd366e45dfad20           280a-image2bquechua2blanguage

Latin America – Latin America is a continent with a lot of diverse history. Indigenous people still exist in the countries, however, European influence has majorly decreased that number over the last ~300 years. South America also has a diversity of land: coastal, mountain, grassland, and jungle.

Andean Highlands – A mountain range from stretching from Ecuador to Bolivia. “Quechua” is the term for the language spoken as well as the group of people scattered throughout the region. Extra geographical info


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